Road Map

The Sherpa Cash vision for the future

April 2021:

  • ✅ Form Core Team - Recruit developers established Avalanche DeFi projects to form core Sherpa Cash team.

  • ✅ Launchpad Partner - Research, contact, and establish relationship with reputable launchpad partner.

  • ✅ Build V1 App - Implement contracts, front-end, and branding of V1 app.

May - June 2021:

  • Mainnet Launch - Launch the Sherpa Cash app on Avalanche mainnet

  • Marketing Campaign - Spread the word about Sherpa Cash through social media and various platforms.

  • Token Launch & Public Sale - Create the SHERPA token as ARC-20 and have a public sale through Avalaunch

  • Trusted Ceremony - Conduct a trusted ceremony process with a target of 1000 participants.

  • Airdrops - Airdrop to early users, trusted ceremony participants, delegators, and Tornado.

  • Anonymity Mining - Implement Anonymity Mining program.

  • Token Trackers - Get SHERPA token listed on various token trackers (CoinGecko, Defi Llama,

July - September 2021

  • Subnet Integration - Integrate with x-chain and Avalanche subnets

  • Partnerships - Form partnerships with projects across the Avalanche ecosystem

  • Relayer Integration - Implement relayer functionality for additional privacy

  • Additional Token Support - Add more tokens to our supported token list.